The Back Wards

The Back Wards

You better behave or they’ll send you away

Send you away to the back wards

Just settle down and do as you’re told

Or they’ll make you pay on the back wards


Remember Peter Davies stood on his tiptoes

Smashed a lot of cups broke a lot of windows

Now he rocks like a baby doesn’t say a word

He’s just a pussycat these days so I heard


The silent giant sweeps the day room floor

People bang their heads on the wall

The nurses are smoking, smoking and joking

Knuckle sandwich a black aspirin


Remember Penny Jones with the amazing hair

In the micro skirts showing all her underwear

They hit her where it hurts and she stayed down

No witnesses no recourse no one else around


There’s a punishment block a time out room

Where they give you a good kicking

No body hears you when you scream

Everyone says it was nothing


The ward clerk and the fat NA

Take their evil secrets to the grave

Tell stories about the good old days

On the back wards


The porter leaves the trolley in the snow

The big wigs come and go

When you’re out of sight and out of mind

All leave applications declined


On the back wards

We’re going backwards…

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