This Is What I Do Now

This Is What I Do Now

Handing in the mobile phone

IPod & Dictaphone

Security man in uniform at the gate

Takes a picture like so

ID badge you’re good to go

You’re good to go mate

Julie will escort you

To the meeting you’re expected

Across the forecourt to the lift

We’re running just a little late

I hope that you don’t mind the wait

And there’s a coffee machine…great


Dr Martin says hello

Do I know you? I don’t think so…

You look kind of familiar he says

The patient arrives and we talk

About the contents of the last report

He says he counting off the days


He’s sick of being locked away

Tries to do whatever they say

You have to take it day by day …I say

And then the meeting starts

Reports and pretty colored charts

Are passed around the room this way


The patient walks out soon enough

He says I hate you Dr Marshall not true Dr Marshall not true

He’s sick of being told what to do

By idiots like me n you cause we’ve no idea what people go through


This is what I do now

This is what I do


I make some notes and say my bit

They say he’s getting there but he’s not ready yet

We’ll need to keep him here awhile longer

More feedback from the new OT

She says basket weaving makes him angry

Is it any wonder?


I meet a girl who I used to know

On the way out she says hello

Just tell me what on earth brings you back here?

I say I got a new job

I took over from Bob…remember Bob the one with a beard


This is what I do now

This is what I do

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