I drive in I park up –
I walk to the office I switch on stuff
I read emails I write letters
I eat biscuits and I drink coffee

I go out for a walk –
I see a friend and we talk
About the past and how it’s all changed
About the future and how it’s really just the same

I go back to my job
I smile at the the boss
I type into the machine
I drift away into a day dream

When it’s time to go
I put away my stuff
Walk back to the car
Drive home listen to some Big Star

When I get in
I put the kettle on
Feed the dog and watch TV
Make a drink and cook the tea
Go to bed and fall asleep

In the middle of the night
Holding on for dear life
I am woken by the April rain
I fall back to sleep again and again and again…

The next day is Saturday
I don’t have to go to work
I watch the football on the tv
Sit in the garden
Listening to the birds

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