What has become of me
I’m on fire and I’m on tv
I’m on the cover of a magazine
In the spotlight if you know what I mean…
A success

My hobby became my job
I might even earn a few bob
Nice work I can get it
This is my time and don’t you forget it
My success

Nobody said it was gonna be easy…

And I’ve been waiting all my life for this
I always knew my time would come
Today’s the day I take a bough
I don’t care about tomorrow…
You can call me fickle you can call me shallow…

Nobody said it was gonna be easy…

And when the time is done
And there’s nothing left that’s any use for anyone
I’ll live on in your history
Like Bukowski

Nobody said it was gonna be easy…

Just the other day I started bleeding
From the palms of my hands
Perhaps I’m Jesus after all
Perhaps he’s Jesus after all

I hope I die before I fall
Out of favour with the mirror ball…

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