Welfare Statement

The lazy public sector workers
Loitering at fire drill
Dedicated skivers one and all
Alas their failings are not their own
It’s such a big organisation and all they ever do is moan

Gossip in the office meetings in the basement
I know exactly what you’re doing
Girl in a mini skirt she’s such an awful flirt
You used to dream of screwing her but…

Not anymore
Once your foot gets stuck in the door
They will return you like an ugly fish
Into the toxic water

All those years at the bottom of the lake
Riding the spinners and dodging the bike
But oh to be eaten to be eaten by a pike…

Still we forgive them all… for doing their bit
At the end of your time it’s what you get for it
A pension scheme and a caravan in New Brighton
Sporting a beard and keeping your head down

But the new boss says she’s aching for change
But the new team spirit is exactly the same
At the by-line marking time
Checking the cricket in the summertime
Kid’s ok cars running fine

A lazy public sector worker
Knee deep in statistics and tweed
Hanging on to a job you hate by the skin of your teeth

In the end the scrap heap feels like just deserts
You go quietly and tell yourself it could have been worse
Yeah it could have been worse…

Sitting at the desk looking into space
You’ll never have slave written on your face
Staring at the screen fiddling with a pen
Talking to the cleaner and the security man

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