Greedy Scorpios

The greedy Scorpios they say whatever goes
And take their just desert no matter who gets hurt?
They want to eat their cake right now by turning up the factor wow
In workplaces and in coffee bars and on the back seat of million parked cars

But nothings fair in lust and desire
The head cries wolf but the heart screams liar…

The greedy Scorpios treading on each others toes
Of course everybody knows they will get away with murder
Be careful someone might suspect cover your tracks remember not to forget
Come in to work on their days off claim all they really want to do is stop
Those lunchtime picnics on a park bench
The butler and the serving wench

They need to feel like they’re really living
But the agony aunts can be so unforgiving
Don’t really believe it will turn into something

It’s not for real
It’s really nothing…
No it’s nothing.
Nothing …

Passion rears an ugly head the in trouble when you’re wearing red
Booked a room with a king sized bed if you get found out then you’ll be dead
Make a wish make a big impression acknowledge it like a sweet obsession
Try and retain a cool expression as any excuse and any confession

Will do
For me and you
It’s what greedy Scorpios do

So duty bound to cheat on you
No matter if you’re a red or a blue
He’s getting bored she wants something new
It’s just what greedy Scorpios do

And I’m a greedy Scorpio too


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