Man Afraid

I’m afraid of failing you
I’m afraid of what is true
I’m afraid to lose my way
Afraid that I need of someone to tell me that everything is OK

I’m afraid of good ideas
I’m afraid to face my fears
I’m held captive under your spell
Looking for excuses I know the truth and the truth knows me all too well

I’m afraid of dying young
I’m afraid of having fun
I’m afraid of writing songs
Afraid that each and every one
Will be forgotten when I’m gone
And they won’t put to right my wrongs…

I am afraid of growing old
Afraid of doing what I’m told
I am afraid of losing you
And I’m afraid of doing what I know I have to do

I’m afraid of growing up
I’m afraid of getting stuck
I’m afraid to cook the tea
And I’m afraid of the washing machine because I turned the clothes green

I’m afraid to tidy up
Afraid of doing household stuff
I am afraid what you might say
When you get home at the end of the week
And you don’t really want to speak
Afraid I just get in the way…

I’m afraid of everyone
Afraid I don’t know right from wrong
I’m afraid of going out
Afraid of things we really need to talk about…

I am afraid of getting sick
Afraid you finding out I’m thick
I am afraid to take exams
Of person centred risk assessments and after-care treatment plans…

I am afraid of going away
Afraid of holidays
I’m afraid of leaving work
Afraid to dance out in the street
Afraid of people that I meet
Afraid of looking like a jerk

Afraid of getting off my face
And of the nature of disgrace
Afraid I’m going to lose the race
Afraid I won’t remember my daughters face…

I’m a man afraid
A man afraid
I am afraid

Just another man afraid….

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