Showboats all sink
Without any trace
Like the scab on your lip
The spot on my face

It’s not really working
There’s nobody here
And the space in my diary
Has been empty all year

Sat in the car
Overlooking the sea
I thought I might visit
The art gallery

But it’s closed on a Monday
I should have known
Give me any excuse
To come here alone

If I was astute
I’d commit petty crime
Meet up with a girl
From another time

Make her a promise
Right from the start
Tell her I’ve missed her
And how she once broke my heart

Relive our history
Pay attention and smile
Swear I’d been in love with her
All the while

Walk by the river
Hold hands and pretend
Like we did all those years ago
And we never will do again

 But I’m just a man
In a car all alone
Listening to the news
And talking on the phone

Of fantasy and truth
Of tragedy and hope
Still getting all confused
Between the punch-line and the joke

But soon the moments gone
Never to return
I ‘m glad I got wrong
And I still refuse to learn

Would I commit adultery?
With anyone who’d have me
With anyone who said they loved me….

 Lay with me
Play with me
Stay and
Make hay with me

Lie with me
Cry with me
Reach for the sky with me..
Fly with me

Cross your heart and hope to die with me

In the sub conscious web
Of make believe
It doesn’t really matter if we flatter to deceive?

My story is floored
And it’s not worth defending
So I faked the beginning
And gave up on the ending

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