Sorry God

Sorry God
I just never got the nod
And I’m just a lazy sod
And I will not be touched

Sorry God
I know you said it’s never too late
I know your teaching
I know you’re great
I know you’ve got all the time in the world to wait for me

No I don’t mean to offend you
I just can’t pretend to
Understand you
Although I’d like to

Still I know
And I will always know
Forgiveness burns like a star in the afterglow
Still winds blow
In the hearts of those I love and those I know
And now I have to go
Whatever you say so so sorry…God

Sorry God
I don’t want to get nasty
By having a go at your dynasty
You might have been here forever and ever
But the results are not very clever

The wars you ignore the plight of the poor
The sadness and the madness and the one sided door
That leads to salvation and sanctuary
Is a shameful illusion wasted on me


Sorry God

My world is not your creation
My views are just how life has made them
I won’t be going wherever you lead
And when I’m alone in my moment of need
I will tell you to your face your have no place with me
And remind you of that song by XTC

Sorry God

But not THAT sorry..


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