Favourite Boy-Girl Song

Girl cries wolf and the boy cries please
He begged her stop on bended knees
His heartbeat fell in silence as in movie
The girl made up and the boy dressed down
Paint despair all over town
And nothing’s as it seems or as it should be

So shy like its some kind of test

The girl cries help and the boy can’t hear
It’s a heady kind of atmosphere
Where reason has no rhyme to disappear in

The girl can’t stop and the boy can’t think
The relatives all turned to drink
And no one keeps ahead of what they’re stealing

There was a time when all you did
Was opting out and staying hid
But something has to give before it’s taken

You promised me you’d fixed the race
Threw it all back in my face
You push me out of place I’ll feeling shaken

So shy like its some kind of test..
You try not to be like all the rest
Still I’m oh so terribly impressed
My favourite boy-girl sonCount your blessings well
Name them one by one
It’s so hard to tell
Whichever side you’re on…

And me too proud to sing along
Oh sing along

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