How Come the Revolution

A benevolent provider
Pats you on the back
Then sends out a reminder of
What is working well and what it is you lack

The considerate commissioner
Wants to help you out
With a baby-sitting crochet knitting
Woman who has never been in doubt

In sixes and in sevens
You are nervous you are sick
And the meeting lasts forever and ever and ever
Your challenging behaviour
Wont save you from the places they can take you
They can make you
Convinced that they can break you

How come the revolution
How come
How come the revolution
My son?

Police sirens and white coats
Daffodils and milk floats
The pear tree and the five pronged fork
You hold on tight refuse to talk

And a place of safety order
Is the best that they can do
To stifle all conviction
They haven’t got a clue

How come the revolution…

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