I had an operation when I was just a lad
They removed my heart that’s why I can’t feel happy or sad
And nobody believes me, nobody understands
When I stamp my feet
I really mean to clap my hands

I had a beautiful girlfriend but love died
I felt no pain I never cried
And nobody believes me nobody wants to know

The nurses look impressive in their snow white nylon dresses as the lights go down
The Dr’s dehydrated the orderly frustrated as the tea comes round
Are you one of them or one of us do you drive a car or take the bus have you come to fix the lights or check the drugs, that kill imagination

Damn the operation…

They put me back under the knife when I was a man
To take away my mind was their plan
And nobody can tell me the exact time or the place
But I still dream of the theatre and I know that look on the surgeons face

Damn the operation…

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