Diane Abbott Takes A Selfie

Dianne Abbott takes a selfie
Uploads it to Instagram
Her followers they all share it
And she’s so grateful for it

And she completes a questionnaire
The Guardian want to know
What’s it like to be Dianne?
Tell us something we don’t know

People recognise her on the train
She’d rather not sign autographs today
Don’t ask her outright can’t you see she’s working
Yeah right

David Cameron takes a selfie
Uploads it to snap chat
On his arm a brace of bimbos
And he’s grinning like Cheshire cat

The man who hailed the Brexit gamble
And loved up corporation tax
He likes to let his hair down
Whenever he gets a chance

People recognise him just the same
Dancing in the silent disco with what’s her name
Samantha went home early she’s in bed
With a book and a bit of a sore head
She’s lightweight

Ann Widdecombe posts a selfie
And Twitter holds its breath
People re tweet in their droves
And Ann feels happy to connect

The faded reality TV star
And the virginal MP
Is looking for another challenge
To suit her personality

People recognise her everywhere she goes
She checks her news feed and her sensible clothes
The dairy’s is filling up
And Jesus loves her for being just like one of us
Or so she tells herself

William Haig takes a selfie
Brian Cox takes a selfie
Alan Shearer takes a selfie
Sandy Toksvig takes a selfie
Charmaine from Holly Oaks takes a selfie
Ed Balls takes a selfie

He takes a lot of selfies

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