Pop Music For Ugly People

He’s one of a kind if he did but know it
Here comes a big reveal don’t blow it
Been round in circles like stalking a prey
Opportunity knocks he will seize the day
And you cant remember anything about him in particular
Did he pay attention in class was he a regular
Was he?

This is the church this is the steeple
Open the door it’s just pop music for ugly people
See them come running

Meanwhile in the bus station at midnight
They’re rounding up the homeless
And they’re taking them some place out of sight

Results come in and he twitches, and he smiles
He came from nowherejust a couple of miles down the road
The screaming Lord is well beaten into third
Its no more or less than we deserve


He blame’s the scroungers and the née do wells
Playing out of time and a dream that didn’t sell
The wretched blame game and the art of spin
One hundred thousand signatures won’t stop him


All the polls were wrong the data is gone
And you were right all along about that
There’s no such thing as a predictable win
The doting wife duly kisses him



Ugly people

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