Question Time

Appearing on Question Time
She did OK
Lots of new followers
And plenty to say

Seen at a festival
Drunk in a bar
Deep in the Green Fields
Covered in glitter stars

They say she took off on holiday
Out walking alone
It was business as usual
Messages on her phone

She was royally slaughtered
By some late night DJ
Someone needed to put their arms around her
Tell her everything was OK

Unsolicited email
From a familiar address
And a smear campaign to destroy her good name
Championed by the Daily Express

Did she go into hiding?
She never answered her calls
They just need to draw a line in the sand and move on once and for all

There are bars on the windows
And locks on the doors
And a psychologist called Erica
She challenges my powers of recall

I can’t even remember
The colour of her hair
Or what I was doing on that night she disappeared
I’ve no idea if I was there

Erika’s trying
To do her level best
She thinks I buried the memory
And I need to confess

They think I saw her on Question Time

I never saw her

I don’t even watch it

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