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Return of the Native03/03/2018

Warmest greetings all it’s a real pleasure to be able to announce that the new Vinny Peculiar album Return of the Native’ will be released on 4th May 2018 on Shadrack & Duxbury. Its been something of a labour of love this one, having had a few technical hiccups along the way I finished mixing and editing it appropriately at a local Studio in Pershore, just a few miles from Worcester with Dave Draper, who’s attention to detail was impeccable. Dave is a talented musician in his own right and he’s worked with Dodgy, The Wild Hearts and Clint Boone to name a few. I’d managed to edit and refine all the parts up to a point but It was good to finish the record in a different studio, in a sonically treated centric space, bounce last minute ideas around, that kind of thing. I’m really pleased with the results.

There’s a healthy mixture of noise and gentility on the record, songs that run away with their own thoughts and those which are centred in loss and change and moving on, from the north back to the midlands, it’s been a cathartic record to make.  The songs were inspired by Worcestershire, some reflect on my younger life here, some address the newness of the here and now and the starting all over. Most of the songs are a couple of years old and long overdue the record treatment. The musicians on Return of the Native are rhythm section Paul Tsanos [drums] & Bobby Kewley [bass, cellos] with Rob Steadman [keys]. It was also a great thrill to have my daughter Leah Walch sing backing vocals, this is the first time she’s appeared on a VP album since 2011’s ‘Other People Like’ 

‘Return of the Native’ comes out 4th May 2018, you can listen here pre order the CD here or pre order the download via Bandcamp. If theres enough demand I’ll also be pressing up the album on vinyl, please do let me know your preference  so I can gauge demand, thanks. Heres a link to the press release. Listen and share  Detroitwich here

The first video supporting ROTN will be ‘Malvern Winter Gardener‘, a little tribute song I wrote in memory of Malvern Winter Gardens, where I saw any number of  hard rock bands of the 70s. The song is narrated by a burned out rock star lamenting the glory days…I’ll be adding to social media sites shortly and more videos will be added leading up to the release. Please do share whatever you can. VP x

Seasons Greeted23/12/2017

Seasons greetings everyone subscribers, website readers, social media trackers, I hope you all have a grand old Christmas time and New Year. … Heres an update on things Vinny Peculiar. Its a been a rather stop-start year for me in terms of making new music, back here in Worcester I found a young band played a few gigs which were fun but ultimately not sustainable. I played a few solo shows here and there too but the majority of the out of town stuff was done as a duo with trusty keys wiz Rob Steadman. Rob is based in Manchester and emerged from the embers of Parlour Flames .  We have developed a bit of a long distance rapport and I always enjoy his intuitive playing even if we do argue about the odd jazz chord slipping into the mix every now and then…

Our 2017 live music highlight was playing The 100 Club with Kevin Rowland, a gig organised by the fabulous charity TONIC MUSIC for mental health . Take a look at their stuff and follow and like if you have a minute.

In March 2017  I put out The Fairer Sex EP, a digital only release, tracks left over from the Silver Meadows sessions, a four song collection with gender confusion an underlying theme. They were mixed in my home studio and  mastered by Dave Marsdon [Silver Meadows producer]. The EP is available via Bandcamp . The video shot by Andy Squiff for ‘No Reply’ [taken from the FS EP] was something of a highlight for me, its not been massively viewed or shared but I think its the best video I’ve done with Andy to date, its also one the saddest songs I’ve ever put out, a kind of positive cathartic sadness I like to think.

I spent the latter half of 2017 recording and re re recording [after losing some of the work] a new album which will be coming out in April 2018. It features Silver Meadows band Paul Tsanos on drums, Bobby Kewley on bass and Rob Steadman on keys. I’ll post a few mixes on Soundcloud as soon as. In late Jan early Feb I’m [at last] mixing this new record in Pershore, a most fitting location for a Worcestershire inspired collection of songs with engineer Dave Draper. The working title  is  ‘Return of the Native’. Its sticking for now but we’ll see what transpires. Artwork for the album will once again be overseen by Mancunian Photographer and Designer Paul Cliff and will feature some of the images shot by Nick Worthington, a street photographer working here in the midlands. I met Nick via twitter where he posts regularly …check him out here and give him a follow.
Dates are coming in for next year, more tbc


Friday 16th March Manchester The Castle, Oldham Street tickets
Thursday 19th April Stourbridge Literary Festival, Katie Fitzgeralds 187 Enville Street DY83TB tickets
Saturday 21st  April  Liverpool Naked Lunch,
Friday 27th April Worcester Marrs Bar
Sun 29th April Cheltenham Poetry Festival, Smokey Joe’s 15-17 Bennington Street, GL50 4ED

100 Club Gig with Matt Deighton & Kevin Rowland09/11/2017

.Rob and I play legendary 100 Club in London Town on Thursday 30th November, we’ll be onstage early ash in support to Mat Deighton and a Kevin Rowland DJ Set, really looking forward to this one. Its a fundraiser for TONIC MUSIC for Mental Health, the fabulous music charity and closest to my heart so if you’re in and around London do come along, tickets here..