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Thrilled to get a highly commendable 4/5 star review in The Irish Times from the esteemed pen of Tony Clayton Lea. The album is available to buy/stream from Bandcamp or from this site    

Return of the Native

Vinny Peculiar

Shadrack & Duxbury


Let’s hear it for the man who has the wisdom to name his record label after the fictional undertakers firm in Keith Waterhouse’s 1959 novel, Billy Liar. And join the dots, if you like, between that novel’s influence on Britpop culture and the northern English incisiveness of Vinny Peculiar (aka Alan Wilkes).

With his 14th solo album, Peculiar once again chooses a concept format to outline recent events in his life. The album title refers to a return to Worcestershire after almost 25 years living in Manchester, and the songs explain why: it was a woman that done him in.

He is a songwriter highly attuned to an almost seamless blend of reflection and humour.

Tracks such as Golden City, A Girl from Bromsgrove Town and On Rainbow Hill are stone-cold pop/folk/rock gorgeous, with a lyric from the latter a heartbreaker of regret and self-realisation: “I walk by the river, I talk to the fishes, make any number of indecent wishes, but none of them will come true, because I finished with me when I finished with you.” Superb.

New Reviews11/06/2018

Three new review highlights for RETURN OF THE NATIVE this week from Mike Davies at ; Mike Ainscoe at Fatea Records and from John Clarkson at Penny Place Music The album seems to be gong down a treat so far. Lets hope it continues, I never take these things for granted. RETURN OF THE NATIVE is available on CD from this here site and to download from all the usual digital music suppliers including Amazon and iTunes. Theres also a streaming/buying option via Bandcamp . Spotify is streaming too if you’re that way inclined. VPx

Return of the Native 1.6.1830/05/2018

Excited to announce that the new album ‘Return of the Native’ comes out on 1st June 2018. The release date was set back a month on the advice of my press agents Piranha in an attempt to synchronise dates and timings regarding magazine reviews. I guess we’ll see how much of an impact it has as we go on. The record can be bought on CD from the VP store or downloaded from the usual iTunes, amazon and the likes. Bandcamp also have the CD and a download/streaming option, they also have a digital discounted package of all the releases. The album is also streaming via Spotify too if you’re that way inclined. I just did a nice little pre release interview with Sean from SayItWithGarageFlowers, he’s called the piece Worcester Source which tickled me no end. Heres a link if you have a few seconds to spare, feel free to leave feedback and share.

We have a local album launch gig at Paradiddles Cafe on Saturday 9th June, its a free event all are welcome.  We also play Wychwood Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse on Sunday 3rd June on the Spoken Word/Poetry Stage at 3pm, if you’re going do come see us x