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Singing Schoolteacher10/12/2016

‘The Singing Schoolteacher’ is a little tribute to Clifford T Ward, the English Teacher turned pop star who taught at North Bromsgrove High School in the early 1970s. Here’s an after the rehearsal home version, the song will feature on the forthcoming album WR3, all the songs set in or against a backdrop of the midlands, inspired by my return to these parts…hope you enjoy do feel free to share.


A couple more demos for the new album WR3 added in the last few days, ‘Detroitwich’  tells the story of a perilous trip to the Worcestershire heartlands for US rap superstar EMINEM. ‘On Rainbow Hill’ reflects on a love beyond all reasonable doubt, if such a thing exists… Both songs will feature on the new VP record WR3 and the recording of will be properly underway end of Jan 2017. I will advise where and when and with whom shortly. The new Worcester based band line up for the first time for a show at The Mars Bar in Worcester on 11th March 2017 with more show TBC. More details coming soon on this. eminem-finger


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter the weekends return to Widnes Ring O Bells, where I first performed in 2004, my good friend Greg Oldfield, host and class A soul rebel mentioned he had a video of that very gig and here it is. Many thanks Greg for sending it on. Its twelve years old, the between song stuff is a little cringey, the performances are definitely more punky, more angular, and  less tuneful if you want to get picky, the hair in face thing yes that too a kind of camouflage. Its a long video , the whole gig some 40 minutes or so, but if you fancy a trip down memory lane well here you go. Oddly I did ‘Billy Fisher’, the poem that opens the gig, this last weekend in Widnes – its now delivered as an introductory poem to ‘No Reply’ a song about the end of love as I knew it, a kind of what goes around comes around thing. Widnes has long been a favourite place of mine to play, the crowds may be small but they’re perfectly formed, there’s a respectful appreciation there, people listen and engage and as a performer you can’t really ask for more. Here’s to more of the same. Greg Oldfield, who was also on the bill in 2004, played with me at the recent gig too. He is a very fine soulful singer songwriter you should have on your radar, heres a SOUNDCLOUD link to his work.  Hope you at least have a little look at this video and feel free to share do. For the record the setlist for the  night was…

Billy Fisher
I Work For God
Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
Everlasting Teenage Bedroom
Punk Rock Dreaming
Confessions of a Sperm Donor
We Tried To Drown Our Music Teacher in 1974
Calm Me Down
We Didn’t Paint Our Nails When We Fought the Germans