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Belfast Show05/12/2018

Rob Steadman and I head across the channel to Belfast ELMWOOD HALL, part of the University Halls, for a gig on Sat 8th December. I was last there supporting 4 Men and A Dog [I think they were called] back in 2004 when I worked as an Artist in Residence at the Cathedral Arts Festival. Its a beautiful hall as I recall. This will be our second show with Duke Special, last weeks was such a joy to be part of, lovely welcoming band and crew and warm engaging audience. I did the show guitar free due to my broken arm which I’m trying not to bang on about all the time and failing! Every weeks a little better, this week way less pain but still no strength to squeeze the guitar so once again I’ll do a couple on the Ukulele and Rob will cover,  he was amazing in Dublin in spite of the rather stress start we had to the gig [somehow the keys sounds had done a bunk but we got them back in the nick of time]…if any Irish friends are reading this please do feel free to email me re guest list x

Return of the Flames12/11/2018

Meanwhile in Manchester’s Lever Street Studios Ollie Collins [bass] and Che Beresford [drums] have been laying down their parts for a new Parlour Flames album [although we’re not sure we’ll call ourselves that again this time around], we need to weigh up the pros n cons. I’ve written and recorded all the songs here in my own studio but we aim to go posh to finish it off in a more sonically swanky setting come the new year. Details will appear here and on our social media platforms as we go. I hope you can get involved with the journey. The songs have a kind of warped political flavour  – musically we seem to be heading in a Kraut-Rock-Funk direction…but its early days yet, there are no rules, no boundaries, here are a few pics, more to come. 

Irish Dates Announced10/11/2018

Thrilled to announce I’ll be supporting the fabulously talented Duke Special in Dublin on Sat 1st December at Liberty Hall Theatre, ticket link HERE and at Elmwood Hall Belfast on Sat 8th Dec ticket link HERE. These will be duo shows with Rob Steadman [back in action after mat leave] on keys. It’ll be touch n go whether I’ll be fit enough to play guitar but either way we’ll adapt the gigs to suit. Its been a good while since I played Ireland and we’re really looking forward to it, VPx