Affirmative Wednesday

Do what you know to be right
Go with it
Stay focussed and
Do not panic

If you can’t sleep at night listen to John Coltrane

Take up the peashooter and select your targets with care
The vicar
The postman
And the girl with the really long hair

But be aware of the lollypop man
He is a member of the BNP
His smile is not his own
And his heart can never be free

He lives on scones and sausages
Recites John Tindall passages
But planting bombs in Selfridges
Is not for you and me

Good will comes to those
Who are predisposed?
And risk getting a bloody nose
Refuse to let it be

Attitudes a plastic toy
In a playground without play
Try and see the other side
Try not to run away

Keep an eye on those you love
No matter if they drift away
Believe in all the mystery
Disregard publicity

Swallow life whole
Declare yourself a flea
Forgive them as they rock n roll
And smoke your kicks from tea

If there’s an opportunity for you
Proceed with cautious optimistic belief
But be aware of the consequences
Because life is essentially cheap

If you love to be alone that’s how you’ll end up
Best take it on the chin and keep away from drugs
Be afraid of inner peace
It’s just a state of mind
And one you will easily tire of over time

Wear your best hat on Sundays, Thursdays and on Friday nights
Freeze your own urine and blow your own jobs
Melt the hearts of statues in the museum of your minds eye
Learn to mend a puncture and do your best to cry
[Especially at the cinema]
Be at one with your mission
Stake your position
And say no more
And remember to close the door
Do what you know to be right
Be aware of the lollypop man
Reject all inner peace
Listen to Jon Coltrane

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