After The War

I return

After the war

The enemy is still at large but

The battle is almost over

My heart does a little back flip

To this time last year and

I can’t even remember

What I bought her

On her birthday

A few days hence

As I think of previous cards and presents



An iPod

A Magazine subscription


Make Up

Rod Stewarts Greatest Hits….

Did I get it all so wrong?

Did I fail so badly?

Did I lose the plot?

Am I truly the selfish pariah she makes out?

Perhaps I am…

I have returned

To the garden fence which I have

Creosoted with diligence

The cricket in the distance

Trying to find myself

In the new old house

Watching the football

Listening to music

Love twists and it turns

The end is in sight

My heart is numb

My head is not right

Not quite

But it’s getting there

I’m getting there

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