Breakaway Technique

Don’t listen to me when I speak
Try to be strong when you feel weak
Show no reaction to the attraction
No confession and no digression

It’s the oldest trick in the book
The best excuse is not to even look
First past the post last in the line
That waits forever on a love sublime

Gets no better just gets worse
We scream like babies and we curse
The day we ever met
The places we have been and the rooms that we have let

These things will wreck your head
These things will leave you for dead
The simpletons and the worried well
Spent happier days in hell

Pretty roses
On the sideboard
Box of chocolates
Magic Lanterns
Happy endings
The sickly whores of poetry

They pity me

Send a letter write an email
Smoke another cigarette
Walk the plank, have a wank
Do whatever you need to forget

A little hope is fatal
Better backs against the wall
A little blame and a little judgement
And you’re good for nothing at all

Look the other way
All you have to do
Is run away and hide and disappear from view

It’s no good clinging on to…

Ignore me when I speak
Excuse me when I touch your cheek
My room is my tomb my house is bleak
I am just trying to perfect my breakaway technique

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