Broken Scissors

If the timing is wrong
And the music is crass
And the melody sucks
I’ll get taken to task

For trying to write
In tablets of stone
With broken scissors
And an old megaphone

If the dreams that you had
All fade and die
And the sadness returns
When there is no reply

If the song in your head
Can never be heard
Then all I can do
Is give you my word

All I wanted to say
From the bottom of my heart
Sounds like an obvious line
For the part

But I want you know
That I’m here for you
Whatever comes around
And that much I know is true

When it all fades away
Into second rate art
I will take to the stage
And die on my arse

I want you to know
This song is for you
And it’s dying from trying
To reach you

All I have to say
As we come to the end
My love remains strong
On that you can depend

I just want you to know
That I’m here for you
Like Elvis Costello
My aim is true

Here I go again
Shedding my fears
The cabaret singer
Nobody hears

In the lap of the gods
On a wing and a prayer
In the space where belief
Meets up with despair

Still missing you dearly
And lost in despair

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