I See

I see the others going about their business
I see them colouring in and cutting out pictures
In their underwear reading novels at bedtime

I see them in their new cars cruising the streets
In their tight shoes running marathons
I see them at the altar praying for forgiveness
In court in wigs and in the dock in bits

I see them at the end of a long day at the office
On the phone taking messages
I see them in the nude without a stitch on
Eating sandwiches in a popular location

I see them

On the trains and on the buses
In the bank and on the TV and at the matches
I see them smoking cigarettes and wanking
On the roofs of ancient buildings dancing

I see them huddled together in secret conversations
Making eyes and holding hands under the table
Walking the streets without anywhere to go
I see their listlessness and their what do you know?

I see them in churches laying on hands
I see them in the concert halls listening to bands
I see them on the corner waiting to be met
Thinking of England and the best way to forget

I see them all

In bay windows naked and afraid
In sheds out of their heads on the booze and on the gin and lemonade
In the candle lit cafes of suburbia
In the grip of a new polemic
Shedding tears that last forever

I see them


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