Medium Rare

It’s important to keep on
Keeping on
It’s important not to give in
Not to give in
It’s impossible to know what will become
Of us
Of them
Of this and that and the rest

Yet somehow we find ourselves hiding
Like ghosts behind the bureau
Hiding in houses made of tin
Like voices in need of a stage
Like roses in need of new blood

And yet…

It’s important give and receive love
Love love love
Like the Beatles said
Love love love
Like your mother said
It’s a drug a drug a drug
Like your father said
And Bryan Ferry too

Yet somehow I feel bereft and alone and adrift and outside in some place beyond the affection zone
Like I have no heart
No voice
No home
No give
No take
No rags and no bone…

It’s important to live life to the full
Remain approachable and refrain from judgement
Keep secrets and behave accordingly
Dress appropriately
Observe the bigger picture
Gravitate to the epicentre
And smile…

And yet
No matter what
It can all feel such a waste of time
Such a great big waste of time

And that’s how it feels today

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