Phil and Vera

I was doing the married mans shuffle
Baby to the nursery
Bus to the job
A sitter once a week
Friends in
A local pub

It was Birmingham
In the early 1980’s
Simon Duran and
The go-feet fantastic
And we knew someone who knew someone who knew them


And you were the actress dressed up as a nurse
And I read the music papers and worse
And we toyed with the values of socialism
Went on demonstrations to London

You joined a feminist theatre group
And I did the Music
I was on pins to prove that
Men too can be feminists
As I became my own extremist

We opposed pornography
Rejected the sexual stereotypes
We bought our daughter a garage
And dressed her in dungarees

I discovered you had slept with another man
It really hurt
I screamed grown up tears
They were my first

And that was that

And now for some reason I am thinking about it

All over again

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