She always liked REM
So I took her to the stadium
The sun shone all day long
She said I can’t wait for them to play my favourite song

The shiny happy one

We sat down amongst the masses
I managed to lose my glasses
Took some pictures smoked some weed
Drove home at a steady speed

She sang along to man on the moon
I said how come they’ve only got the one tune?
Thinking this isn’t really my scene
As she came over all happy and shiny and green

I tried to explain

Great music is to die for
Its all the things we did before the flood
At the start and at the end of love
A reason to live and a reason to create stuff

She replied

Your child like nostalgia is like a poisonous desire
You will never set the world on fire
And you’re always going to cry at Billy Liar

And that was that

She really liked REM
But we never saw them again
We left during the first encore
It was the only festival we did that year

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