Remembering My Great Uncle Jim

Too many mountains to climb and junk shops to see
Guitars to buy and rides in a vintage Morgan circa 1963
Secret pathways in the hills
The greatest fish and chip shop in the world
Once served Hayley Mills

The army Gibraltar 1956
Sergeant major’s a psycho
The second greatest banjo player in the world
Makes a wedding speech on a ukulele

The bureau the ghosts and the shadows unseen
A naked protest on a village green
The valley at the foot of the Matterhorn
And playing jazz trumpet on Snowden

Opening lines in the cities of the north
From Hebden bridge to the firth of forth
The folk pickers tips to the aspiring guitarist
A counsel of hope when despair was amongst us

Racing boats on the battlefield brook
Flying giant kites over the village
Approved school dramas and carnival floats
Men with grey beards and teachers who smoked dope

200 kids in a musical
Starring the naughtiest boy in the school
The knickers elastic confessional and
A nurse playing the fool

On the pig track marching up the mountain
We have our lunch packed and our cameras
Losers pass us on the train
I am 8 years old and I never felt the same again [life will never feel this good again]

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