It’s 1972 and
I’m reading the SUN page three
On the corner of Green Lane
Outside the chippy
It’s 2.30pm
And we kick off at 3
There’s a transistor radio
In the back ground
Emporer Roscoe
Plays Shaft by Shaft
The radio belongs to Philly Gold
He’s the manager of Catshill Colts
And it’s the first time I’ve heard a wah wah pedal
And Philly tells me what it is

We are waiting for the mini bus

To take us to the match
That’s us
Strad, Hank, Ash, Goffer, Mokey Lyons, Teens
Spud, Coke, Carrot, Honker Hollis and me
We are playing Dodford
We will beat them
They are rubbish
My Dad is worried about my paper bike
Broken spokes
and dodgy breaks
It’s a death trap he says

Later in the week he fixes the bike and sends the bill to the paper shop owner, Jim Portman

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