Sunday Best

Once a week is enough to keep me going
I paint my fingers and my toes
Is my bra strap showing?

I was born a man but I feel like a woman
Work in a garage I make my own living

But I live for Sundays once a week
She says she understands me
Perhaps I’ll join a club or start a group
Sure and we can all be happy…

Oh baby it’s ok
I know it hurts you and you can’t think what to say
But every time I look at you I see
The very thing I can never truly be

And I live for Sundays once a week
I feel so chic
I love your wardrobe and your make up
I feel strong and I know it isn’t wrong…
Is it?

I don’t fancy men don’t care for boys
I just want to mess around with the girls and their toys
I’m a dedicated husband and a friend
It’s our little secret we can keep it to the end

And I’ll live for Sundays once a week
Thank god she understands me
Go to the match on Saturday
And that was yesterday
Now it’s time to the chores in mini skirt and lingerie

I live for Sundays….

Hidden in the bedroom in twin set and pearls
Whilst you go to church with your mother and the girls

With your mother and the girls
On Sunday

Sundays are best

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