The Room

Well you did ask…

It’s at the front of the house and most of my clutter and stuff is in here. Two computers, several guitars, assorted recording equipment and boxes of CDs. Hundreds of them stashed beneath the desk I got in the bargain basement at Ikea and all waiting to be sold.

There are flyers collected from gigs I’ve played, posters likewise, 7 and 12 inch vinyl records, a Wi-Fi router, several keyboards some of a retrospective specification, an 8 channel mixer, 6 assorted hi fidelity type speakers all working plus elderly guitar amplifiers by Marshall and Vox [the Fender is in the Lads Club].

Neglected stage clothes in an unwashed heap, power pack adaptors that no longer work and 3 boxes of cassette demos, a mini disc recorder, microphone and discs…

There are 4 giant 12 inch spools of two inch tape, 23 x 60 minute Digital Audio tapes of older sessions from Pearl Studios and from HUG, a broken iPod and a Playboy jigsaw circa 1963 [condition used] which I once wrote a song about…

On the far wall is a large framed poster of Charles Bukowski wearing a T-shirt with an image of his face on his chest; his real face cut off by the photographer. I bought it for six English Pounds from Kevin Ring, the beat generation specialist who came to Graham’s funeral, [and a good man too].

The shelves are stacked with books mostly read and mostly I suspect forgotten, all gathering dust. Old videos in need of digital transfer taken at parties and at gigs and at the park….the usual family life events… and a framed picture of Aston Villa, a gift from my eldest daughter.

A box of electrical clutter, broken leads I never get round to fixing, a soldering iron [unused], Jiffy bags and masking tape, felt pens and a three tier plastic set of pound shop drawers given to me by a girl I loved and lost some years ago

Blank CDs, a printer, a kettle exchange souvenir mug and a silently protesting pack of cards; both gifts from Mr Bill Drummond

I acquired the chair I’m sitting on for free courtesy of the establishment.
I got permission to take it from the buildings manager although it isn’t very comfy.

This is my room

This is where I’m at

It’s where I write

It’s where I’m writing now.

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