The Songwriters

Songwriters of the world
Are writing songs for us that don’t always work because
All the good ideas have been used up
Still they persevere no matter what

It’s too easy to give in
To the inevitable clichés
When you’re searching for an angle
Or a subject that looks sideways
Better try and to find something to say
That’s not been said a thousand times before

Songwriters of the world
Writing songs about cars and girls in
In basements and in studios
Alone with their muse and in hock to their heroes
It’s not easy to write a bona fide classic
That lingers in the consciousness and soothes the hearts of masses
When your girlfriend doesn’t get it and says why not just forget it and move on…
But nobody’s telling me
A song can never change the world
And that was just a dream some of us had now that is patently absurd
Don’t tell me everything’s a waste of time
And how to get ahead of the production line
[and how to walk the line]

Songwriters of the world
Nailing the melody and honing the word
I think you really ought to know
I am the second greatest songwriter this world will ever know
I’ve yet to have a hit or write for film or tv
Never had a track placed in a horror movie
That would be all too much too soon too easy

The victories are small but I concur with each and everyone one
We’re going to have a ball in the days of enlightenment to come
Everything will change just wait and see
And I’ll take my place in history

Paul Simon
David Bowie
Joni Mitchell and me
Bill Nelson
Carol King
Paddy McAloon and me
Ray Davies
Lou Reed
Colin Bluntstone and me
Roy Harper
Marc Bolan
Noddy & Jimmy and me
And me…

Songwriters of the world

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