The World at My Feet

Johnsons Records, Church Street, Bromsgrove,1976 ….

I did a couple of paper rounds
Read the bible aka NME and Sounds
Saved my dinner money and my bus fare
School uniform loon pants and long hair

At the weekends I went into town
To the record shop where I’d hand around

Sift through racks of LPs
On a quest for new discoveries
Stayed there all day long
Listened to the art of the song
And how some of them were good and some of them just wrong
A little Captain Beef-hart some Dylan and some GONG
I’d buy whatever I could afford
Walk all the way back home with a brand new record

In the bedroom later listening to be Bop Deluxe
I lay down on the bed closed my eyes and turned the volume up
My mother shouting at the bottom of the stairs
Mind you keep it down and think of the neighbours

Read the sleeve notes learn the titles
Progressive rock and contemporary folk
Roxy Music David Bowie and TREX
Some music is better than sex
I said to my ex girlfriend
No regrets…
Said our goodbye at end of the street
With a brand new Les Paul copy and the world at my feet

The world at my feet

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