What do you want?

You don’t want to know my secrets
Or where I keep them
You don’t want to know the people that I meet with
Or those I’d care to sleep with
The company I keep with
The party where the creep is…

You don’t want to know the laws that I flout
You don’t want to mess me about
Or scream and shout or take any notice of my pathetic self doubt
Or get stuck with me on some light entertainment roundabout

You don’t want to feel like there’s no way out
You don’t want to come and get it
Because it doesn’t really exist and you’re far to clever to co exist
In a vacuum

You don’t want to know for sure
The idiocies of what I did before
I met you

And how I find it hard to forget you
Even though we are no longer
In the same relationship
Because everything must change
Like you just reminded me and I agreed
Is a good word really

But oh how complicated things can get
When you truly regret
Practically everything you ever did
In the name



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