Creativity Confidence and Belief – an informal workshop for aspiring musicians and poets facilitated by Alan Wilkes [aka Vinny Peculiar].

The workshops typically run over a day and incorporate an ensemble performance by course participants the same night. People bring their own instruments, bands are formed and songs are written. Advice on the do’s and don’ts of performance, music and social media, music file sharing, song writing and song analysis are also incorporated into the day. The emphasis is on sharing ideas; working together and creating from scratch and supporting the idea of music as a positive force for mental health and well being.

The workshop can happen anywhere there is a PA and some space to split into small groups and is designed for 15-20 people per session. Recent events have taken place in students union bar, a nightclub and a church hall.

This is a newish venture; feedback has been exceptional so far and I am keen to develop things further. For more information on workshop scheduling, guidance notes and planning please email me at