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After what seems like an age of diary silence, silent ages to silent pages no less, the diary comes a calling. New album reviews continue and new plaudits emerge when they’re least expected to. Most of the new reviews are on the reviews pages here. The vinyl editions of ‘ARTISTS ONLY’ are due back from pressing in October, but might be slightly earlier [apologies just this minute been informed availability date to follow]. I’ll be doing what I can to re promote the Vinyl Version and its acquisition over the coming weeks. If you would like a copy there is a link to payments in the VP store. The ARTWORK has been overseen again for this pressing by PAUL CLIFF and the new artwork contains full lyrics. Its priced at £25 UK includes postage, and £35 overseas including postage. Shadrack and Duxbury is very much a cottage industry label as I’m sure you’re aware and has recently set up a FACEBOOK PAGE HERE – please do like and follow and such, there’s also a Vinny Peculiar Music page in case you haven’t had chance to like already or weren’t aware of.

Other news, gigs here are going well – some with the band sometimes solo and occasional duo shows depending very much on the occasion, venue and availability. It’s a decent way of challenging us all especially as rehearsal time is at a premium due to geographical challenges, that a Worcester doesn’t have a decent rehearsal space anymore since the demise of The Session a few years ago. We tend to head off to Tewksbury on the occasions we do get together to The Power Station which is lovely, user friendly and reasonably priced. If you’ve been to see our band shows in the last month or two I like to think we have been slightly edgy by design and all the better for it. We will be adding more tracks from the new album to the set in the next few weeks so do bear with us if you’ve expected more [I know some of you have because you’ve told me]!

Next up we play Thornton Hough Village Club on Sat 18th June, this is a rescheduled show and original tickets remain valid. Heres the ticket link, and all forthcoming  gigs are added to the GIG pages here. Hope to see some of you out and about as we go on, best wishes as ever VPx

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