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Well its taken forever but I’m finally back at Future Primate Studio end of the week to finish the new album currently titled ‘Artists Only’ [like the Talking Heads song I hear you say and you’d be right]. I have done some of the work on this album remotely but I wanted to wait and do the more hands on stuff with Matt for these final mixes. Under normal circumstances this record would have come out by now but I’m hoping the extended time will have seen more attention to detail and will sound even better than the real thing. I think I’ve mentioned the tracks here before but it feels so song since here we go again with a few explanations as to the origins and thinking behind thus….

1 ‘Jack the Dripper’ – I love Jackson Pollock’s work, a proper psychedelic painter and someone who turned the art-world inside out with his splattering free form style. The songs talks about him changing minds and expanding artistic horizons….mine included [but not my Dad’s ha]

2 ‘A Bigger Splash’ – the song tracks the life of a much loved David Hockney poster and its enduring love..

3 ‘Francis Bacon‘ – the song reflects on both his controversy and charisma, the lyrics fell out of news reports, gossip columns, general myths and misdemeanours, there’s such an edgy danger in his work.

4 ‘Grayson’ – like so many of us I’ve been enjoying Grayson Perry’s lockdown art show on channel 4 so I’ve included a song about it here cause we all need a little more Art in our life.

5 ‘Fifteen Minutes’ – my brooding Warholian lament ha – Andy opened so many doors its impossible to ignore his importance, words talk of images, reproductions and the fame for all approach …there’s also a rather fetching jazz guitar moment I never thought I would play, live with or keep towards the end just saying

6 ‘Rothko’ – I have always enjoyed Mark Rothko’s paintings those huge dense slabs of colour are so disorientating, so deep and flat and puzzling……the songs post Hendix feel is meant to complement the chaos of his work and indeed his life…

7 ‘Pathetic Lament’ – a love letter to a would be lover who never was…

8 ‘Fine Art’ many years ago a girl I was close to went away to study Fine Art, she used to send me her work for safe keeping…

9 ‘Shenstone College Disco’ its in Bromsgrove, well it was back in the 1970s…the song catches up with a girl who confesses things were not as they seemed back then…

10 ‘Heavy Metal’ Meanwhile having blagged a holiday job at John Birth guitars I set about polishing pick ups on guitars custom made for Tony Iommi and Richie Blackmore….

11 Yellow – The poet Anna Saunders reads her tribute to Van Gogh…

12 Perfect Song – a perfect way to end a record although it may not end this one.

I sincerely hope everyones keeping safe and looking forward to finally going to gigs and pubs and cinemas and life and such. And please don’t forget GONE has been re released via all the usual digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon,

The rescheduled Thornton Hough gig is

Sat 24th July Thornton Hough Village Club, Wirral

Tickets here 

VP x

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