Bath Gig cancelled due to dental drama

I’ve had to cancel tonight’s gig at the Porter Cellar Bar in Bath as I have an infection following Fridays dental extraction and really I could do without such complications, that and the swelling. What’s more I just got another tooth filled which surprised me no end as all I was expecting was drugs. That makes five injections in two weeks and yes I am counting, as you do. I can only offer my apologies to anyone who’d planned to go tonight, I hope to reschedule soon. I always like playing in Bath; I’ve done Moles a few times with the band, The Porter is next door and run by the same promoters. I’d also planned to hook up with a mate I’d not seen in awhile so that’s a proper blow to the get up and go. In a mood of humble resignation and defeat I spent the morning watching rubbish TV with the sound turned down listening to the new Elbow album [they get better and better] and rinsing with salt water which is helping a little. I’ve also got a cold sore. What a sorry old state I’m in.

On a brighter note the Richard Dawkins tickets have arrived courtesy of Liverpool snapper Stevie O; he’s speaking in Liverpool next week and, god willing [ha ha] I’ll be there. I don’t get to that many cultural events as I mostly stick with the cinema and the odd gig here and there so it’ll make a nice change. I wonder if the Christians will show up for fisticuffs, it should be an interesting night. I do hope we can persuade Tim to don his dog collar. What I really need now is a nice cup of tea and the Arena Frankie Howard documentary, VP

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