Belfast Show

Rob Steadman and I head across the channel to Belfast ELMWOOD HALL, part of the University Halls, for a gig on Sat 8th December. I was last there supporting 4 Men and A Dog [I think they were called] back in 2004 when I worked as an Artist in Residence at the Cathedral Arts Festival. Its a beautiful hall as I recall. This will be our second show with Duke Special, last weeks was such a joy to be part of, lovely welcoming band and crew and warm engaging audience. I did the show guitar free due to my broken arm which I’m trying not to bang on about all the time and failing! Every weeks a little better, this week way less pain but still no strength to squeeze the guitar so once again I’ll do a couple on the Ukulele and Rob will cover,  he was amazing in Dublin in spite of the rather stress start we had to the gig [somehow the keys sounds had done a bunk but we got them back in the nick of time]…if any Irish friends are reading this please do feel free to email me re guest list x

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