Christmas Sale

Seasons greetings everyone I hope you’re all set for a memorable one and this horrendous pandemic will be well and truly beaten by this time next year, lets hope we can get back to something like normal in the not too distant future. In the meantime, once again we are having a Christmas sale here at Peculiar Towers with super cheap CDs Vinyl and postcards, the sale runs until 31st Jan so please feel free to investigate. On the new album front I’m pleased to report that we getting close to finishing. The album, working title ‘Artists Only’ is being mixed with Matt Culpeppper at Future Primate Studios in Hagley where we’ve recorded live drums with Joe Singh who’s kicked the songs into a new dimention with his taught playing and strange dietary choices. The record should see the light of day March/April 2021. We are still a few final mixes short of an LP but on course to have it all done and dusted by end of Jan. Don’t forget we also have a couple of new releases newly available in the Store, the live mini album LOOT and PECULIARITIES the recently released retrospective and rarities record.

Thanks ever so all for sticking with it and supporting the music, its really appreciated, with any luck we’ll be gigging again next year but until then keep in touch do, VP


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