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I’ve just had a lovely chat with Tony Clayton-Lea from The Irish Times who’s been kind enough to take an interest in my work over the last few years,  he’s such an eloquent writer, and he’s been at it as long as I have so to speak, possibly even longer. We feel the generational connections, and he loves Billy Liar almost as much as I do. We talked about working in an imaginary  undertakers and the naming of my record label which he very much appreciated.  We talked about art’s enduring influence on popular culture, of Robert Hughes who’s seminal work The Shock of the New was such a formative influence on yours truly, all those Rothko headaches and Warholian black outs.  The VP feature in the Irish Times will run to coincide with the ‘Artists Only’ release date 10/1/22. Huge thanks to everyone who’s bought into the record so far, if you haven’t you can pre order here ideally or via Bandcamp. If want to listen the album and the bonus tracks can be streamed via the site or via Bandcamp.

I’ve mixed the live band recordings shot at The Mars Bar here in Worcester a few weeks ago and Joe Singh begins editing this week so we should have a lot more to share in the coming weeks. As well as the live versions  we are at various stages of production on three videos that should be ready to go in time for the release.

Thanks again all as ever, appreciate your engagements best VP

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