GONE – 2021 re release

Some good news…after some twenty three years GONE, the debut Vinny Peculiar album from 1998 gets a digital re release, initially via BAND-CAMP and coming to all the major platforms including Spotify April 9th. It took awhile to track down a copy as it sold out many years ago but luckily my good friend Pete Doyle found a copy in his loft and dutifully forwarded. Thanks Pete. Its been a little odd listening to it once again after such a long time but in a good way, it still has its moments, and of course it brings back memories of numerous late night sessions on borrowed time paid for by a Halifax Building Society Windfall and the generous facilitation of the studio owner studio owner Keith Leary [thanks Keith].  The album caused something of a mini stir on release and got a proper rave review in the OBSERVER on the back of which we sold a good few copies by mail order directly from the studio and received a suits offer from Paul Smith which never quite came off. I did speak with him on the phone though which was kind of cool. I guess the suit gig rightfully went to Tindersticks. The original artwork for GONE is probably on a computer long out of commission so Paul Cliff has stepped up with a lovely new image for the re release. If theres enough interest I’ll re press the album, do let me know what you think x

 Gone: Vinny Peculiar [Bughouse Bug 037]

Mr Peculiar-aka Alan Wilkes-is a Manchester singer-songwriter who looks as if he’s been through many a wilderness year in preparation for this clear-eyed, beautiful debut. His CV is a bit misleading; he’s recently supported old farts like Nils Lofgren and Roger McGuinn, but Gone is eclectic and adventurous, reminiscent of Baby Bird’s early demos or Microdisney’s first album. Vinny’s voice is more emotive than strictly tuneful, but his guitar playing is delicately inspired and the songs are almost all lovely, whether wired and Television like [Shrinemaker], sparse and melancholy [Shadow Box] or positively Beatleseque [Calm Me Down]. Gone gets its proper release later this year, but if you need it now [and I suggest you do] just send a cheque to Bughouse Music, Clarence House, 36 Clarence Street, Liverpool L3 5TN

Sam Taylor


Flyer 1998


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