Hay Festival New Album Gigs Update

The session/interview Rob and I did at Hay Festival for BBC Introducing is now online, we played ‘I Came Back As A Girl’, Pop Music Football & Girls’ English Village’ & ‘The Saviour Of Challenging Behaviour’  – you can listen again here. I just had a quick check, it sounds pretty good. I witter on about Silver Meadows, Clifford T Ward, and an imaginary life in the opposite gender. We followed Brian May onto the stage and Rob grabbed a cheeky selfie. Brian was at Hay talking about the badger cull/population crisis. It was rather nice seeing him. Thanks also to the people who came along to the recent SILVER MEADOWS stage play musical  in Liverpool, and for the feedback which has been really helpful in planning the next steps. Its taking awhile as these things tend to.  I have been spending the best of these warm summer days indoors in the studio recording and editing songs for the new album, its taking way longer than expected which is pretty much always the way. In a couple of weeks the process continues at Whitby Studios with cellos and brass. It will take me most of the summer to get it in something like a working/ listening order. The new album is centred around or inspired by the midlands, songs in the key of Worcestershire, stories from Bromsgrove, Malvern, Blackpole, Stourport on Severn, Droitwich, Ronxwood and Worcester all figure. You can listen to some of the demos on Soundcloud and please do feel free to share anything that takes your fancy.

We have a few gigs over the summer, and more planned later in the year including a London show with Chris Difford [Squeeze] on September the 1st at The Borderline,  Chris is a really wonderful writer and raconteur. Rob and I had the pleasure of meeting him, supporting and enjoying his set  recently at the Malvern Globe and we’re really excited to be doing it all over again, full ticket details coming soon. I hope to catch you soon, do keep in touch, VPx

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