Isolation Communication #1

Things have clearly moved on since my last post here now it looks like the June 19th band gig at The Castle Manchester is under threat. I have October shows on hold too but it looks like very little will go ahead this year in terms of live venue gigs. I’ve updated the gigs pages accordingly, I’ve left the Castle gig on the page and ones afterwards but as I say thats probably a tad over optimistic. Over the coming weeks like most of us I’ll be self isolating here spending some of that time recording in my little studio. Got to keep on keeping on. I’m also putting together a retrospective album of songs, out takes and others that never quite fitted on albums past. My trusted friend and production wiz Dave Marsden will be on mastering duties and I’ll post more info as we go. My heart goes out to all my musician friends who are struggling with this live music lockdown, the government needs to acts soon to compensate the self employed. The Musicians Union have just issued a useful update on their negotiations, partitions to sign and MP letter advice, heres the link. In terms of my own performances I’ll look into posting more videos and doing live events on the internet as we go on. Bandcamp have been supporting musicians with the removal of sale fees so if you’re thinking of buying new music by VP or any artist  its worth checking out their availability on Bandcamp.  These are strangest times we’re living through, stay safe everyone and keep in touch. VPx

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