Isolation Communication #2

Hello everyone, thanks for checking in here, apologies for the lack of updates , in truth I’ve felt a little out of it these last few weeks, and kind of overwhelmed by the virus and its implications. Feeling better now and today I played football with my Grandson in the park, our first kick about in eight weeks, maintained social distance, and it felt so good. In the meantime I’ve been taking requests for live performances of songs from my back catalogue on social media [ mostly facebook] do check them out if you get a chance, its been fun to do, 10 song requests that might well turn into more. I played Big Grey Hospital, a song I wrote many years ago about my brothers treatment in the local mental institution, its always been a bit of an emotional song for me, I hadn’t played it since his funeral in 2001. It felt strangely cathartic, I even remembered the words, older songs are so much easier to remember than new. I also played Singing Schoolteacher see below…

I guess all our hard drives are eroding! I’m also happy to report that I had a favourable exchange with Jonathan Coe…writer of the simply brilliant Rotters Club  via Twitter, he really liked ‘Return of the Native’ and made a few public declarations to that effect which thrilled me no end, if you follow me on twitter do check it out. I found his comments really encouraging, he’s from the midlands like me and we are generationally entwined so to speak. Made my day.

On the gigs front its looking less and less likely that very much will happen this year, but I do have dates pencilled for Oct/Nov which I’ll update everyone about as we go on. The June gig at The Castle is sadly cancelled and I’ll be looking this and others for next year with any luck. These are challenging times for us all, stay safe everyone. VP x

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