Reader…I’ve spent much of January in the studio tweaking and fiddling and messing around as you do, the rhythm section of the new record is more or less boxed off until next phase of studio editing [the Dave Draper weaves his magic sessions]  the rest I’ve been sweating over, percussion half way there, backing vocals from the band again half way there with more to come. The usual internalised drama I have every time I make a record prevails over words, delivery, tuning in short just about everything. I’m fretting a bit but mostly making good headway, and working hard to make this record a band record [and a great record] as opposed to a Vinny Peculiar record…[great as they all are ha!]

I have GIGS scheduled over the next few months including the majority of the supports on the Wreckless Eric tour. I’ve supported him before and we got along splendidly, I’m really looking forward to them. If you fancy coming along to any Eric dates mail me vinnypeculiar@gmail.com or contact me via social media for guest passes, I have a limited number so first come first served…do check out the other gigs here on the website x

We’ll be making the new band announcements end of Feb, by then we’ll have press pics, a twitter page and other trappings of modernity…until then x

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