London with Eric & Warwick with Duke Special

I’m five dates into the Wreckless Eric tour and happy to report alls well, some great little gigs and a pleasure to watch Eric and Ian do their thing, all I need to do now is blag a  record ha. Interesting conversations with Eric in passing as ever regarding the do’s and dont’s of effects pedals [I’m using my ancient Electro Harmonix Memory Man for a couple of songs] and how to turn a Gibson J45 into a Les Paul…or in my case a cheap Ukulele into an SG. Talking of SG’s my ancient Ned Callan SG is currently being repaired by the wonderful Luthier and ex Photos bassist Dave Sparrow in his Evesham retreat. The guitar is just about as unique as unique can be with a DIY engraved scratch plate and pickups help together with old nails and gaffer tape, there are a sign on the back of it says ‘Put Coin in the Slot and Turn Handle’ – the maker Dennis Cooke was quite the funny man. Slade used Ned Callan guitars before John Birch but I digress…but I must post the repaired said guitar when I get it back tomorrow, new bridge set up and electrics…

So on Friday 17th I play the 100 Club on Oxford Street in London its a solo affair as the last couple of gigs have been. Rob is away and gutted to be missing it but he returns to the fold on Saturday 18th when we open for Duke Special do check him out he’s amazing a fine songwriter and performer,  its at Warwick Arts Centre so not so very far from here. End of the following week we play our final shows with Eric in Edinburgh and Glasgow. All the gig details are on the site here. Hope to see some of you there VPx

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