Moaning On

I’ve given up with the diary blog connection so this link will have to suffice. Web stuff never seems to work properly with me; it’s always been like that. Perhaps I never expect it to and there’s a kind of self fulfilling prophetic element at play, who knows. It really depresses me sometimes and I think this is one of them. Perhaps it’s because I have no interest in how these things actually work, I’d rather read a book or play spot the ball. The so called experts I consult with seem equally clueless. I am tempted just to run the myspace site and be done with it but I’ve just paid out to host the thing for another year. Sigh, pause, yawn, and the struggle doesn’t end there. We are a challenged household when it comes to digital signalling hence SKY is the only provider we can access. It’s politically unsound [I know I know!] costs an arm and a leg and is proving to be less than reliable. I sit here awaiting a multi room connection that just doesn’t want to know. Oh yeah and I can’t get through to them despite hanging on the telephone for the past 40 minutes on premium rate so crikey, this is turning into a right grumpy old mans rant. Crikey…how I love the word Crikey. And did I mention the newfound spam problem; I might as well while I’m on one. I change server to a more expensive outfit and of course the spam goes ballistic. I am frankly sick of it, so there. Still…

Rob came over the other night and we started work on editing the new album demos. It was a good night, transferring riles and cutting up ideas. Some of the songs are too long, that goes without saying. Most of them were written this year. They seem to sit together nicely unlike some of the collections I’ve recorded in the past. It’s nice to get on the old creative buzz wagon again; recent adventures in after dinner crooning are all well and good but they don’t quite sustain the imagination and no matter what you may have heard I’m not the ‘King of Cabaret’. That was just a song I wrote. We are recording the next album in Analogue Cat over the summer. It’s great, there’s no real pressure from anyone on how it should sound or deadlines regarding its completion. I am convinced this next album will be the one that matters most which is a nice feeling and one that’s been overdue awhile if I’m honest. Tomorrow [Friday] I play The Albert in Shrewsbury which sounds like a proper night out, also I promise to have cheered up by then. Local heroes Peloton in support, VP x

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