Radio, Gigs and Reviews update

Finally the new album ARTISTS ONLY is out, pre ordered CD’s posted, download links unlocked, streaming options available and it feels so good to finally share the songs with everyone, especially with people here who remain supporters, mailing list subscribers and website checkers, thanks as ever.

On the Radio front Radcliffe and Maconie played A Bigger Splash today 15th January and Mark praised and plugged enthusiastically. I felt really chuffed as I listened along on catch up. Heres a link. Read More >>

Happy New Year subscribers & beyond

The warmest of seasons greetings subscribers old and new, I hope this finds you safe and well in these most challenging of times, thanks as ever for hanging on in there… The new Vinny Peculiar album ‘ARTISTS ONLY’ comes out Jan 10th, 2022, it’s been awhile in the making, it was primarily recorded at home and features ten new songs most of which have an ART theme. I’ve written about artists before; I blame Robert Hughes’s ‘Shock of the New’ … Read More >>

Heavy Metal live video

Heres the first of a series of videos we shot at The Mars Bar here in Worcester, Heavy Metal was written for return of the n Native but didn’t quite sit right. I re recorded it for ARTISTS ONLY, new drums [by Joe Singh], and new guitars [my White Japanese Strat to be specific]. The band feature Simon Grove on bass, Rob Steadman on keys and Joe Singh on drums. The video cameras/editing were overseen by Joe, audio was recorded … Read More >>

Castle Hotel plus

Christmas is coming and the ARTISTS ONLY release date gets closer [10.1.22]. Huge thanks you everyone for pre ordering so far but if you haven’t yet its available on most of the streaming platforms and on CD via the website store. I’ll be posting the CDs just after Christmas, any mention on social media on receipt would be most appreciated but mostly I hope you just enjoy it. Its been a little longer in the making than previous albums. … Read More >>

Features and Streams

I’ve just had a lovely chat with Tony Clayton-Lea from The Irish Times who’s been kind enough to take an interest in my work over the last few years,  he’s such an eloquent writer, and he’s been at it as long as I have so to speak, possibly even longer. We feel the generational connections, and he loves Billy Liar almost as much as I do. We talked about working in an imaginary  undertakers and the naming of my record … Read More >>



In case you missed it here’s the mail out I did to my online subscribers re the new album, links and gigs and such… Greetings friends, website subscribers, diary readers, I hope this finds you safe and well in these challenging times. I’m very pleased to say the new Vinny Peculiar album ARTISTS ONLY is finally ready and available to pre order now via the website and via bandcamp. The album comes out 10th January 2022. The CDs… Read More >>

ARTISTS ONLY [pre order now]

ARTISTS ONLY by Vinny Peculiar

The new album ‘Artists Only’ comes out 10th Jan 2022, you can pre order CDs/downloads via the VP store or Bandcamp . Not sure if I’ll be doing it in Vinyl yet as the logistics costs and pressing times look ominous.  If you’re a Vinyl buyer and want to commit please do let me know, that way I can gauge demand and if enough people want one I can set the wheels in motion.

Artwork …

Thornton Plus

We had a lovely little gig at Thornton Hough last night, so good to catch up with friends and supporters, music fans, such a lovely rich array of people in one of my all time favourite venues it had been a long time coming. Eighteen months to be exact. Its nice to think we are heading back towards something like normal but I suspect the road will be long and complex. Around twenty people who bought tickets didn’t show, some … Read More >>

Thornton Gig 24th July 2021

Its been a long time coming but we are finally getting back to playing live this coming Saturday 24th July at Thornton Hough Village Club, Wirral which is such a great little venue and will be the first new band show we’ve done since getting together a few months ago. This means breaking out the effects pedals the new SG and making more of a racket than usual. The set will change accordingly and we’re all really looking forward to … Read More >>

Finishing Lines

New album working title ‘Artists Only’ is almost mixed and ready and to master, I spent a couple of days this last week tweaking and revising little parts, more guitars replaced and revisited, Matt Culpepper doing ever such a fabulous job on the sonic details and arrangements. And I really need a new bass as mine seems to have a bad case of pops and hiss, anyway, I replayed some at Matts so all good, and we’re nearly there which … Read More >>

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