Sometimes I feel like a King

I’ve been ill with an everlasting adult flu bug, the sort that goes on forever, I had to resort to some anti biotics, they’ve kicked in now at last, it was really starting to get me down. I didn’t make it to Steve Robert’s leaving do, I was meant to be playing, I still feel bad about it. Doyley says it was brilliant gig; he was there, astonished to think Napoleon ended twelve years ago. Napoleon featured, as well as … Read More >>

Women and Men

Women and MenTrack 4

A relationship song biting the hand that feeds it. You might well say its confessional. I’ve been called a confession type songwriter several times and I can cope with that; I’ve also been called a lot worse. It’s a song that sounds like it knows what it’s talking about but really, when you read between the lines it’s all double Dutch. Relationships are never easy, and when I wrote this I was coming to terms with … Read More >>

Actions Speak Louder

Track 3

Actions Speak Louder

It’s true apparently. I took the title from an art show poster I saw at Tate Liverpool years ago, I can’t remember the name of the artist; the lyric has been around for some time. I’ll try and make sense of it, but thing is, sometimes it’s harder said than sung, if you follow. The actions in question concern the longings of an altogether mixed up heart, and you get the feeling that the actions … Read More >>

[To hell with] Fashion

Track 2

Rob and I have always referred to this one as ‘Fashion’ still I’ve added [to hell with] in the brackets so as not to confuse with the Bowie classic. There’s a thought, getting Bowies royalties by mistake, imagine that, what a moral dilemma that would be. In truth I used to know someone who was on the receiving end of the wrong royalty statement from PRS, it happens, he just kept schtum and the money kept on coming. … Read More >>

All New Adventures

I went to Cardiff on the train on Thursday for a gig The Barfly, it was nice change from driving. I spent the journey reading ‘A Wild Sheep’ by Haruki Marakami which I enjoyed but only in a half concentrated way. I got distracted and started chatting to a student of philosophy about Albert Camus and The Cure. She looked like a left bank revolutionary and spoke in conspiracy theories I’d never even heard of. She was clever and she … Read More >>


Some of this might end up sounding like pretentious twaddle but I thought I’d write a few lines about the new songs by way of explanation before they see the light of day. Ok, so I realise only a thousand or so people will beg steal or buy the album and perhaps a few more will hear the odd track on the radio or download something by accident. It might even go to a bigger pressing run than the stock … Read More >>


You might have noticed from my previous posting here that I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a one off gig way down south on a Sunday night and I suppose I wasn’t really, I cant quite put my finger on the reason. The one consolation in my head was seeing some old friends who live just outside Winchester and catching up on gossip and stories. As it happened I had one of the best gigs I’ve had in awhile, which … Read More >>

The 17 plus

Meanwhile…I had to stop listening to the new recordings given the crisis of confidence documented previously; I managed a ten day abstention. It was quite a discipline in truth but a necessary one. People always say that having a decent break and returning with fresh ears alters perspective and they’d be right. So, a couple of days ago I listened to it all over again and am pleased to say it’s getting better all the time. The next job is … Read More >>

Bish Bash Bosh

I was once in a band called Goodness Gracious Groove. I hated the name and I still do. I did what I could to persuade the other members to change it, but they loved it, and all the other names I thought of at the time were, as they say, ‘a bit gay’, so it remained, forever more to be so. GGG were better band than the name suggests, but the name let us down, I have often wondered if … Read More >>

Elbow Tops

Now we have [or have we?] finished recording I shaved off the beard. I’m assuming Rob has done likewise. I’d ask him but I don’t want to end up bending his ear again in the name of making records, well, not for another week or so. In truth the fuzzy face was starting to get me down anyway, felt like it was sapping at my energy. Perhaps I can blame my apparent anxiety state on it too…

I’ve just heard …

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