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My cars up the creek without a gearbox and its costing me an arm and a leg to fix it, you might well know this already as I am prone to moan when it comes to anything mechanical. My sense of mechanical things is kind of underdeveloped, it’s like a girls my dad always said which didn’t help really. He can’t be good at everything my mother would retort in my defence. Anyway…

Since I posted the story of my … Read More >>


I was doing one of those random Google searches the other day, you know the kind, when you find yourself wondering what happened to the girl you lost your virginity to, or some kid you did awful things with after Sunday School, those moments when you feel, well, curious about stuff. I mean that’s what the internet is for right? Anyway, a few weeks ago now I typed the name David Ditchfield into my search engine as I was having … Read More >>

Music on Saturday

I love to listen to music every now and then, as opposed to fretting and whinging about creating the stuff which I seem to be doing more and more of late. I like to listen in the car but also when I’m at home I like to stop everything and just listen, call me old fashioned, but I can’t seem to do background music [Chris says it’s a male thing…I say it’s a respect for the creators of beauty thing… Read More >>

On the Radio

Tonight’s directions from John, studio manager at Manchester radio online are so good I could have driven here with my eyes closed, kind of. There’s nothing like a good old chin wag noting down the pub on the corner, the pelicans crossing and danger signs for the blind school and the hospital. I know…I’m going on about directions again and I need to get a SAT NAV. I will one day. I’m just holding out for holding outs sake. I… Read More >>

Willard Grant

I’m in a café called Love or Cup or something equally abrupt, its one of the newer ones in the northern quarter that sells bric-a-brac from the 70’s. It feels like a San Francisco thrift store and I am tempted to purchase a beige coffee-pot set but don’t. I’m trying to be sensible. Damian and I are early birds as most things don’t get started till at least mid day around here. We discuss the marketing of Vinny Peculiar and … Read More >>

Cleaning Up My Act

I am cleaning up two weeks worth of home life mess as my partner returns from overseas tomorrow and I want to impress her. I always feel like this when she goes away. I wonder if she does when I do, somehow I doubt it ? In our house domestic chores are like a currency for favours. So its been something of a mad rush here, hoovering and dusting and tidying; and the bathroom- always the bathroom. I cant wait … Read More >>

The Room

Well you did ask…It’s at the front of the house and most of my clutter and stuff is in here. Two computers, several guitars, assorted recording equipment and boxes of CDs. Hundreds of them stashed beneath the desk I got in the bargain basement at Ikea and all waiting to be sold.

There are flyers collected from gigs I’ve played, posters likewise, 7 and 12 inch vinyl records, a wi-fi router, several keyboards some of retrospective specification, an 8 channel … Read More >>

Numb Drum

The mouse traps remain set but nothing has been caught which is a great relief really. One of them did go off by mistake the other night although it was early evening so we didn’t hear it. I am finishing off here from the last time but alas it’s not very interesting. I feel strangely numb today, comfortably so even, like a Pink Floyd song.

I’ve spent an insular few weeks here in solitary confinement. I do my part time … Read More >>


There is always somewhere to park a car in Glossop; you might well get done en route by the numerous speed cameras [Derbyshire is renown for them apparently] but for somewhere to park this place is pretty much the business so I park up on the road outside the venue in exactly the same spot as last time I played here. No tickets, no cost, no malicious parking police ticketeering types, how wonderful indeed. I like Glossop; I like the … Read More >>

Sounds from the other City

We were due to play twice, once at the pub and once on Salford Station platform but the station platform is off, well not exactly off but it is what you might call over subscribed due to some other stage not happening…festivals egh, don’t you just love them. This one is on the doorstep here in Salford and happening in several venues across town from Urbis to the Kings Arms and we are [Bonehead Craig and I] at the Salford … Read More >>

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